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This is not exactly a Apple phone hack since there is no iPhone in the mix. But have a look at the wall in the picture. If you are thinking that it looks just like a huge iPhone you are right. This kitchen computer was inspired by the iPhone UI. Now all your electronic interactions can be Apple like all day long. 🙂

Via: Hacked Gadgets

“We are still tweaking the IU and adding and removing applications as we find a need for them but as of writing this article we have the following applications displayed on the iphone themed main screen

– Kitchen Database (uses barcode scanner to manage our shopping)
– To Do List (simple RSS based to do list)
– Google (opens a browser to google search)
– Email (Microsoft outlook, but its not really that suitable for touch screen)
– Weather (opens weatherview32 for our local weather station)
– Slideshow (activates windows slideshow of our digital camera)
– Cooking Timer (runs kitchen timer)
– Calendar (inititaltes outlook calendar)
– Tweet Adder (dodgy twitter marketing software)
– Twitter (opens twitter)
– Scoreboard (HTML page showing followers on our twitter accounts)
– Watch TV (runs up the USB TV tuner taking a feed from the lounge)
– Calculator (windows calculator)
– Google Maps (opens a browser and displays Google maps)
– Skype (opens Skype for talking to my mum)
– iTunes (apple iTunes with airport express connected)
– Shutdown PC (runs a shutdown script)
– File Explorer (opens windows file explorer)
– Trade Me (opens trademe in a browser, similar to eBay)
– Settings (another HTML page with various links to settings)”




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