iPhone and iPod Touch DIY Stylus

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Jun 3, 2009 in DIY iPhone Hack

Make Your Own Stylus for Your IPod Touch/iPhoneWatch the top videos of the week here

You can build a stylus for your iPhone or iPod Touch in a few minutes for about a dollar worth of material. You may want to use a screen protector so that rubbing the metal tip on the screen doesn’t do any long term damage.


iPhone controlled LEGO Robot

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on May 10, 2009 in DIY iPhone Hack, Interface Hack, Remote Control, Robot, Video

This robot uses the simple change of brightness of a single area of a screen that is being monitored by a NXT LEGO sensor to communicate the intended travel direction.

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“This robot demonstrates iPhone to Lego Robotics communication via the Safari web browser and the Lego NXT Light Sensor. To build this, you’ll need a laptop, two iPhones, and a Lego NXT Robotics Kit. First, build your robot. Second write some Java LeJOS Robot code. Third write some Google Web Toolkit web application code. Fourth, plug in your iPhone into the robot, and use either a browser or another iPhone to drive the Lego Robot!”


iPhone DIY Macro Lens

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Apr 9, 2009 in Camera Hack, DIY iPhone Hack, iPhone Hack


Colin Devroe made a cool Macro Lens for his iPhone from an old camera lens. All us geeks have tons of broken gadgets that may come in handy some day. This hack shows us that broken gadgets can be useful after all.

“A few years ago one of my digital cameras just decided it didn’t want to work anymore. It wouldn’t turn on. Actually, to be more accurate, the thing wouldn’t turn off. Turns out that there was a small screw inside that busted up the innards. No idea how that happened.

Well, like any self respecting geek I kept the camera’s body around for a few years always thinking I’d do something with it eventually. You know, the same way car enthusiasts keep around old Corvette parts thinking one day they’ll rebuild those. That’s me with electronics – only, I’m horrible at rebuilding things, but fantastic at ripping them apart.

I figured that inside of this extraordinarily complex device I would surely find some way to manipulate the way the iPhone took photos. Turns out, I ended up with a fairly decent macro lens for the iPhone.”

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