iPhone Playing mame4iphone with a WiiMote over BlueTooth

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Dec 2, 2009 in Game Hack, iPhone Hack, Remote Control, Video

Forget about using the touch screen or accelerometers that are built into your iPhone. Instead why not use a Wiimote!

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iPhone displays Wiimote Position

This is an impressive example of what some creative programming can be done with the iPhone.


“The video first shows the iPhone’s AirPlane mode activated before starting an OpenGL-ES Demo. In the demo, the orientation of the virtual WiiMote is controlled by a physical WiiMote over a Bluetooth connection.”


iPhone Wolfenstein 3D Virtual Joystick

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Apr 26, 2009 in Game Hack, Interface Hack, Video

If you loved the original Wolfenstein 3D you need to check out this iPhone virtual joystick by Alex Winston.

Talk bi-directionally between an iPhone and iPod touch without the need for jailbreaking and only using 2.0 SDK published libraries. The demo illustrates integration with Wolfenstein3D and a virtual joystick that allows for control of movement.”
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