iPhone Remote Automotive Ignition Hack

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Check out this iPhone Remote Automotive Ignition Hack which is sure to make your day a bit easier. The phone needs to be jailbroken, but that is no big deal. 🙂

Via: Electronics Lab

“I used an older Arduino simply because I wanted a quick and dirty 3.3v source for the iphone to arduino serial interface. The perfboard has a tip120 to drive the remote start, all the interface wiring for the car, power supply and the iphone interface.”


iPhone 4S and Siri Start a Car with Voice Command

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Finally voice command is usable, gone are the days where it is just a novelty. Now we can free our hands to do other things while we dictate to our new friend call Siri who lives in our iPhone 4S. It is nice to be able to dictate email and text messages, the other voice commands to play music is also great. But it doesn’t end there. Remember the Apple  iPod Touch that we saw controlling Dave Phipps 1969 Pontiac GTO? Well take that idea and expand it with voice gives you the hack by Brandon Fiquett which allows you to link to your Viper remote control and command it by voice to start your car, stop your car, pop the trunk, lock and unlock your car. What’s next? Siri drive me to work?

Via: vincentabry.com


iPhone Controlled LED Jacket

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Next time you are picking up a new stylish jacket you might want to check on the availability of this iPhone Controlled LED Jacket. This jacket is controlled by your iPhone and makes a bold statement. There aren’t much details on the jacket as of yet since it will only be available in Japan but I am sure if you just need to have one you could contact Alexander Reeder who created it and beg him to mail one to you. But don’t be looking for a deal on the jacket since it doesn’t look to be the type of item that will be mass produced any time soon, iPhone Deals on the other hand are much easier to come by. The animated turn signals on your back is just about the safest way to signal your intentions when riding your bike at night, not to mention it is totally cool and is sure to turn some heads. Activating the turn signals are done by flicking your wrist but wouldn’t it be cool if you could do it by tilting the iPhone and having the internal gyro sensor pick up the tilt to turn the signal on.

Via: Craziest Gadgets

“The Vanilla Series is a line of jackets connecting directly to your iPhone, allowing you dynamic control. Vanilla is modular so you can choose your own set of sensors; or go with the main “a” and “k” series. Vanilla “a” has five subtle indicators near the cuff which can be used in various ways. By default they indicate turns as your biking with the flick of a wrist.”


BlindType – Type on your iPhone without making mistakes

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Aug 15, 2010 in Interface Hack, iPhone Hack, Video

With BlindType you can just pick up your iPhone and type, there’s no need to carefully watch the screen to make sure you press each key directly in the center.  To enforce the fact that where you type on the screen is not that important you can actually turn off the keyboard and type directly onto the note. The technology can also track the angle that you type and automatically correct for that.


iPhone displays Wiimote Position

This is an impressive example of what some creative programming can be done with the iPhone.


“The video first shows the iPhone’s AirPlane mode activated before starting an OpenGL-ES Demo. In the demo, the orientation of the virtual WiiMote is controlled by a physical WiiMote over a Bluetooth connection.”

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