iPhone Controlled LED Jacket

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Next time you are picking up a new stylish jacket you might want to check on the availability of this iPhone Controlled LED Jacket. This jacket is controlled by your iPhone and makes a bold statement. There aren’t much details on the jacket as of yet since it will only be available in Japan but I am sure if you just need to have one you could contact Alexander Reeder who created it and beg him to mail one to you. But don’t be looking for a deal on the jacket since it doesn’t look to be the type of item that will be mass produced any time soon, iPhone Deals on the other hand are much easier to come by. The animated turn signals on your back is just about the safest way to signal your intentions when riding your bike at night, not to mention it is totally cool and is sure to turn some heads. Activating the turn signals are done by flicking your wrist but wouldn’t it be cool if you could do it by tilting the iPhone and having the internal gyro sensor pick up the tilt to turn the signal on.

Via: Craziest Gadgets

“The Vanilla Series is a line of jackets connecting directly to your iPhone, allowing you dynamic control. Vanilla is modular so you can choose your own set of sensors; or go with the main “a” and “k” series. Vanilla “a” has five subtle indicators near the cuff which can be used in various ways. By default they indicate turns as your biking with the flick of a wrist.”


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