iPhone Commodore 64 Emulator

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Sep 9, 2009 in Emulator


For all of those who used to love the C-64 have a look at this application which will emulate the Commodore 64 on your iPhone!

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iPhone displays Wiimote Position

This is an impressive example of what some creative programming can be done with the iPhone.


“The video first shows the iPhone’s AirPlane mode activated before starting an OpenGL-ES Demo. In the demo, the orientation of the virtual WiiMote is controlled by a physical WiiMote over a Bluetooth connection.”


Jailbreaking an iPhone running 3.0 Firmware

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Jun 24, 2009 in Jailbreak


Now that the iPhone 3.0 firmware has been announced you will probably want to get the new version, then jailbreak your phone. The Dev-Team Blog has announced a method to jailbreak your newly upgraded phone. See the steps below and be sure to see their site for more details.


Ultrasn0w for iPhone 3G is ready!

  1. Ensure you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0
  2. Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using redsn0w or PwnageTool (this will also install Cydia/Icy)
  3. Run Cydia or Icy
  4. Please add the repo repo666.ultrasn0w.com to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0”! If you use the letter “o” you’ll get an error.
  5. Search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w
  6. Reboot your iPhone 3G
  7. T-Mobile USA users should disable 3G before using ultrasn0w
  8. Enjoy”


iPhone Case looks like a Cassette Tape Player

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Jun 5, 2009 in iPhone Case Hack


This is one cool looking iPhone case. It makes your modern iPhone look like a retro cassette tape player.



iPhone and iPod Touch DIY Stylus

apple_phone_hacks_iphone_tammy_picture-small Posted by Tammy on Jun 3, 2009 in DIY iPhone Hack

Make Your Own Stylus for Your IPod Touch/iPhoneWatch the top videos of the week here

You can build a stylus for your iPhone or iPod Touch in a few minutes for about a dollar worth of material. You may want to use a screen protector so that rubbing the metal tip on the screen doesn’t do any long term damage.

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